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Jin / Loche

Fairy King Truesdale
Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth (with complete Larva/Moth set)
Harpie's Pet Dragon (90% mint, small white spot on back)
XYZ Dragon Cannon (tin)
Jinzo (tin) x 2
Gearfried the Iron knight (tin)
Blue Eyes White Dragon (JMP)
Red Eyes Black Dragon (JMP)
Exodia the Forbidden One (DDS, bit of wear on it but no bends or creases except very small on corners, so I'd say VG to possibly NM, 90%)

Maha Vailo
Magic Jammer
United We Stand
Goddess with the Third Eye
Riryoku Field
Giant Trunade x 2
Thousand Eyes Idol x 2
Witch's Apprentice
Luminous Spark
Adhesion Trap Hole
D.D. Crazy Beast
Star Boy x 2

Secret Rares:
Gaia the Dragon Champion (misprinted one with ultra rare lettering)
Invader of Darkness

Ultra Rares:
The Forceful Sentry (1st)
Right Leg of the Forbidden One (good sized crease in lower right corner, 60%)
Left Leg of the Forbidden One (almost, not quite 70%)
Mystical Space Typhoon (MRL, 1st, 97%)
Black Tyranno (1st)
Luster Dragon (MFC)
Torrential Tribute
Delinquent Duo (1st)
Dark Paladin
Relinquished (starter)
Toon Mermaid (MRL)
The Legendary Fisherman x 3 (2 not mint)

Super Rares:
Confiscation (60%, some water damage on right side, visible creases on back)
Catapult Turtle (small crease on side)
Spell Vanishing (1st)
D.D. Scout Plane x 3 (1 1st)
Heavy Storm (80%, scratch in foil to left)
Fairy Meteor Crush (PSV)
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer x 3
Limiter Removal x 2 (both 1st)
Dark Balter the Terrible x 2
Graceful Charity x 2 (starter)
Relinquished (starter)
Card Destruction x 2 (starter, evolution 1st edition)
Banisher of the Light x 2 (both 1st)
Reaper of the Nightmare
Harpie Lady Sisters x 2 (one with dent near bottom, 1st edition)

Thunder Nyan Nyan
Contract with the Abyss x 2 (one 1st)
Enraged Battle Ox (1st)
Cannon Soldier (70%)
Stray Lambs (1st)
Skill Drain (one 1st, one not)
Guardian Baou (1st) x 2
Cannon Soldier (80%)
Berserk Gorilla x 3 (all 1st, really hard to get from me)
Blast With Chain x 2 (one 1st)
Ultra Evolution Pill (1st)
Sasuke Samurai #3 (1st)
Legendary Flame Lord (1st)
Dark Designator
Different Dimension Gate (1st)
Lekunga (1st)
Nobleman of Extermination x 2
Star Boy
Chain Disappearance
Great Phantom Thief x 2 (one 1st)
Skull Invitation (1st)
Opticlops x 3 (2 1st)
Prohibition x 3 (one 1st)
Different Dimension Gate (1st)
Fear From The Dark (1st)
Giant Germ
Amphibian Beast
Dragon Capture Jar
Hayabusa Knight x 3
Armed Ninja
Giant Rat x 3 (one 1st, one unlimited, one TP4)
Metallizing Parasite - Lunatite x 2
King Tiger Wanghu (1st)
Mystic Tomato (SKE)
The A. Forces x 3 (all 1st)
Fusion Sword Murasame Blade (1st)
Little Chimera
Elegant Egotist x 3 (1st, unlimited, TP)
Darkbishop Archfiend
Infernalqueen Archfiend
Charubin the Fire Knight

Common Notes:
Pandemonium (1st)
Pitch Black Power Stone x 2 (one 1st)
Jinzo #7 x 2
Black Illusion Ritual x 3 (1st/SDJ)
Gravekeeper's Servant
Cave Dragon x 2 (1st)
Vengeful Bog Spirit x 2
Self-Destruct Button (1st)

Morphing Jar (I can dream)
Needle Worm (Japanese - commons)
D.D Warrior Lady x 2-3
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End
Exodia's head and arms
XYZ pieces (only basics, got all the fusions)
most anything good and tradeable
Chaos monsters...
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