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Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Valkyrion the Magna Warrior set
Sinister Serpent

Bottomless Trap Hole
Riryoku Field
Thousand Eyes Idol x 2
UFO Turtle
Witch's Apprentice
Luminous Spark
Adhesion Trap Hole
Pyramid Turtle
D.D. Crazy Beast
Star Boy x 2
Goddess with the Third Eye
Reckless Greed
The A. Forces

(All starter rares/SRs/URs are pack pulled unless noted as otherwise)

Secret Rares:
Gaia the Dragon Champion

Ultra Rares:
Thousand Eyes Restrict (PSV)
Blue Eyes White Dragon (starter)
Red Eyes B. Dragon (1st starter)
Toon Mermaid (MRL)

Super Rares:
YZ Tank Dragon (only for XY Dragon Cannon, unless great offer)
Limiter Removal (1st)
Confiscation (1st)
Dark Balter the Terrible
Ryu Senshi
Magical Hats (kinda beat up but playable)
Graceful Charity x 2 (starter)
Relinquished (starter)
Mask of Dispel
Card Destruction x 2 (starter, evolution 1st edition)
Barrel Behind the Door
Trap of Board Eraser (1st)
Harpie Lady Sisters
Mystical Elf

Thunder Nyan Nyan
Skill Drain (one 1st, one not)
Curse of Royal
Legendary Flame Lord (1st)
Lekunga (1st)
Nobleman of Extermination x 2
Apprentice Magician
Star Boy
D.D. Crazy Beast
Shining Angel x 3 (all 1st)
Opticlops (1st)
Prohibition x 2
Amphibian Beast
Dragon Capture Jar
Hayabusa Knight
Amazoness Tiger
Big Bang Shot
Armed Ninja
Dramatic Rescue
Giant Rat x 3 (one 1st, one unlimited, one TP4)
Mad Sword Beast (TP4)
Metallizing Parasite - Lunatite x 2
Des Feral Imp
Morphing Jar #2
King Tiger Wanghu (1st)
Mystic Tomato (rare)
The A. Forces
Little Chimera
Elegant Egotist x 3 (1st, unlimited, TP)
Penguin Soldier (starter)
Darkbishop Archfiend
Charubin the Fire Knight

Morphing Jar
Call of the Haunted
Gravity Bind
XY Dragon Cannon
most anything good and tradeable
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